Duong Nguyen


Nguyen is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing of Amakuni. As a long-time advocate for sustainable technologies, he was the CEO & Founder of Deahan SI, JSC, a leading technology company providing environmental surveillance solutions for the Vietnamese government. Nguyen's passion isn't stopped at saving the environment, he also wants to build a sustainable and accessible virtual economy for everyone.



Tony Dinh



Tony is a veteran in the game industry with 15 years of experience in both game programming and game design. He worked in different types of games from MMORPG for PCs to casual and social casino games for iOS & Android. In his previous company, SCFS Ltd., which he was the founder and CEO, built one of the most popular Social Casino in Vietnam with a daily revenue at its peak reached $50,000. Tony is passionate about building the next generation of games utilizing blockchain technology to enable the creation of a sustainable and thriving virtual economy.


Nhat Do

Co-Founder/Art Director

photo_2021-12-12 20.07.22.jpeg

Nhat has been working as an Art Director for 10 years. He is currently the Co-Founding Art Director for Zitga Studios, one of the biggest mid-core mobile developers in Vietnam. His works include hits such as Summoners Era, Cyber Fighter, Shadow Knight, and many more. As a dreamer and a world-builder, Nhat has been always fascinated with building alternative worlds for players to enjoy. He is very excited about the Play-To-Earn model since it will attract millions of people to the world of video games.


Son Nguyen


Son is among the most reputable figure in the Vietnamese Blockchain Community. His company TomoChain, which he is currently the Co-Founder and CTO is the first successful Blockchain Company in Vietnam. Son is a crypto maximalist and he believes that cryptocurrency will help to improve the life of billions of people across the world.