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The Lore

Before there was nothing, The High Father Amatsu, created 2 sons: Karu - The God of Creation and Aku - The God of Destruction, then a world called Aepiran.

Aepiran was the playground for the brothers, Karu would create something beautiful, and Aku would find a creative way to destroy it.

The constant creation and destruction starting to fill Aepiran with air, mountains, ocean, and living beings. After thousands of millennia of the seemingly endless circle of Creation and Destruction, The Great Balance was born.

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The Great Balance allowed Aepiran to thrive with living beings evolved to society with magic and advanced technologies.


Until one day Karu created something he shouldn't have, Nion, the Tree of Greed. The tree has one single red apple, so appetizing, that Aku couldn't resist, he took one bite, and just like that the Seed of Greed took root within and corrupted Aku.

Driven by insane greed and hunger, Aku went on and devoured everything. All of Aepiran fought back, in the war known as The Great God War.

The war lasted for 500 years but in the end, it was hopeless Aku consumed all things on Aepiran.

With his newfound power, Aku began to infect his brother Karu. The battle raged on for hundreds of years and was so devastating that it split The Old Aepiran into 4 continents.

Realized he couldn't win, Karu did the only thing he could to save the rest of the universe, by sacrificing his soul.


After Aku and Karu died, what was left of their essences was absorbed by Aepiran, and from the Heart of Aepiran new lives emerged.

The AMA - Descendant of Karu

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Those who were born with the essence of The God Of Creation. They can bend all elements to their wills and create different gears and items that bestow users with great power.

The KUNI - Descendant of AKU

Those who were born with the essence of The God of Destruction and gifted with unnatural power and the abilities to destroy. They see destruction as neither good nor evil but a mean to restore the Great Balance of Aepiran.


The NIOH - Descendant of GREED

Those who were born with the essence of Greed. Twisted by constant hunger they became monsters without sense nor logic. They only want to consume everything, and they will not stop until there is nothing left in Aepiran.

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